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Free Putting Green Designs (plans)



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The highest quality backyard putting green material available on the market today

Quality service and putting greens

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Our BentGrass Putting Green Technology revolutionized the old polypropylene fibers and gives you the most realistic putting green surface on the market today. We now offer the only Pre-bent Non-directional technology on the market today (thanks to companies like BASF, Nova, & others).

This Technology Has Several benefits like (a) tougher fibers that are Pre-bent Non-directional (b) easy adjustable stimp speed (c) better ball action (d) reduces putting green installation time by better than half.

Build it your way
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Pre-bent Non-directional  - We start with an approximate  1" fiber and then we reduce it (pre-bend) to a 3/4" finished height by means of our new manufacturing process for the DBL Eagle BentGrass surface. This ensures you that the end results will be an actual well dressed putting green surface that does not require a seasoned installer.

Non-Directional Fibers will never lean one direction like the old technology. The leaning of the fibers will cause a huge speed difference depending on if you are putting against the grain or with the grain. In the past, it has taken a tremendous amount of effort (labor and know-how) to eliminate this problem when using the old polypropylene straight fiber putting green material.

"By creating the new Pre-Bent Non-Directional TM polypropylene material, ATPG has made it affordable and easier for the average golfer to have a realistic practice putting green in their own backyard." Chris G. Pacific Grove, CA
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Kits w/ CUPS, FLAGS & 30" POLES
(includes to your door shipping)
(includes to your door shipping)

New Technology that makes it easier for all do it yourselfers (DIY) to install a quality practice putting green.

Custom Orders Are Our Specialty  (573) 475-8311
Design - Specification - Installation

Just simply contact us and we'll help you: Email or Call (573) 475-8311

1. Find someone to install a complete project.
2. Find someone to help you with the removal and install your base material.
3. Sell you the materials that you'll need to meet your custom specifications.
4. Supply you with one of our kits and provide you with instructions on how to install. 



Sample Instructions:
Putting Green Installation

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After rough cutting the fringe material, put it in place and  nailing down the outer edge (use galvanized 6" or 7" gutter spike). Lift up the putting green surface and place the fringe pieces under the putting green surface. Now you can use the putting green edge as a template to cut your fringe.  NOTE: Cut along the edge with a good sharp utility knife... Full instruction info. available to customers, as well as phone support.


Putting green installation 

Backyard Practice Putting Green

Free help designing your new backyard putting green area.

Click On and Print Your Free Putting Green Plans (Design)
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One of the biggest keys to designing your putting green is to keep in mind that you can split and offset pieces of the putting green surface. Have fun and use your imagination. Here are a few designs that you can print and take out into the backyard and start planning for golf training  area.

Design Your Own
Putting Green.
Print Your FREE
Graph Paper
(see below).
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